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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Cindy Tapia speaking. I was born and raised in Our Town. Moved away several times, but always came back. Because, to paraphrase Dorothy Gale, there's no place like Our Town.

In 2012 circumstances forced me to move to Winder, and I'm currently preparing to move to Bogart. But, alas, such is life. 

What makes being away bearable are my hometown friends on Facebook. The memories of running around those hilly streets and catching a of popcorn as I flew by Fambros. That foghorn Harness Shop whistle. That roaring train. And all those good people who taught me how to be me 

This is for you, Buford, your heart on the Ode to Buford articles listed on the sidebar, and the  posts on the home page. Have fun! Remember! Laugh! Cry! Roll your eyes! 

Thanks for dropping by and come again soon!  

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Duane Chapman aka Dog
the Bounty Hunter
While on the campaign trail for Forsyth's  Sen. Michael Williams (Rep.) in July 2017, Duane Chapman dropped into Buford to make a phone call, as you do.

He received mixed reactions for his trouble. People either love Dog, or they hate his ever-loving guts. He spent five years in the slam for murder—he was the getaway driver in a robbery gone bad. He's been accused of being a leash, critics shame his long white hair, his wife, his penchant for praying and swearing like a thirsty sailor fresh off the ship. And there was that dust-up when he sneaked into Mexico and "kidnapped" serial rapist Andrew Luster, heir to the Max Factor cosmetics empire.

But I like him. Why do I like him? I like him because he is an underdog who pulled himself up by the boot strings and became a legend.Few of his critics can say the same about themselves.